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Stress, Anxiety here is the Solution. FREE diet counselling package for 5kg weight loss. And Free yoga therapy as per your disease condition.
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Dr.Kanti's homeopathic clinic is a wholistic homeopathic health centre with the aim of curing most of the chronic health disorders which are caused due to an internal imbalance in our physical and mental processes in the body. Every chronic condition can be completely cured if the root cause is handled.

Overview of Dr.Kanti's Homeopathy

Dr.Kanti is an experienced homeopathic physician who treats every person in a curative way without any side-effects.
She handles Psychological Conditions like Anxiety, OCD, Sleeplesness ...Etc Effectively.

Obesity is the precursor for all health conditions. Weight-loss can prevent hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and increase life-span without debility. Dr Kanti is WeightLoss Expert.

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Patient Testimonials

I was suffering from PCOS since 3 years and took many hormonal medications but was not cured, Dr. Kanti's Homeopathic medicine helped me to get cured.

Rama College Student

I had Sleeplessness due to Anxiety very happy after treatment.

Suresh Software Engineer

I had irritable bowel syndrome due to stress was feeling hopeless when i found a solution in Dr. Kanti's Homeopathic Treatment.

Asma House Wife